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Welcome to LesBondage - FREE picture and video collection of well-known UK bondage model Jasmine Sinclair and her girlfriends Natalia Forrest, Sasha Cane, Sapphire Blue and many others! Classic girl-on-girl lesbian bondage, tight ropes bondage, inescapable metal bondage - all of your requests will be fulfilled!
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2 "Mummi" galleries:

Jasmine Mummifies Chloe... Twice! - Chloe's new boyfriend is into bondage. Chloe's doesn't know what's involved so Jasmine offers to show her the ropes, or rather the bondage tape! Chloe Toy strips naked and Jasmine Jae, binds her tight in bright red tape, just leaving gaps for her pussy and tits. Helpless, Chloe struggles to escape but the tape is way too strong. Having a mummified Chloe in her clutches drives Jasmine sex crazy and she pulls off her panties for Chloe to smell! Jasmine CUMS OVER CHLOE'S FACE as she begins her MUMMIFICATION PLEASUREFEST... Jasmine binds a high speed wand over Chloe's pussy and wraps her over and over in YET MORE BONDAGE TAPE. Chloe is completely and utterly unable to move at all! With that wand working its magic, Chloe is going to cum hard and she knows it! Pictures

It's a Wrap! - Jasmine Sinclair thinks fellow Domme Jess West is teaching her how to mummify her submissives, but really it's Jasmine who's going to end up completely wrapped up tight and TOTALLY IMMOBILE!! Tricked and trapped, with her legs and arms in tape, Jasmine can do nothing as Jess completes her wrapping and pushes Jasmine down on the bed! And now it's time for Jess to have some fun with poor Jasmine, fastening a COCK GAG in her mouth and SITTING ON HER FACE AS SHE CUMS, while Jasmine is FORCED TO ORGASM with a wand taped over her pussy! Pictures

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