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Welcome to LesBondage - FREE picture and video collection of well-known UK bondage model Jasmine Sinclair and her girlfriends Natalia Forrest, Sasha Cane, Sapphire Blue and many others! Classic girl-on-girl lesbian bondage, tight ropes bondage, inescapable metal bondage - all of your requests will be fulfilled!
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Double-Ended Retribution - Silly slavegirls Jasmine Sinclair and LouLou Petite get caught misbehaving, and now their Mistress Tiffany Naylor is going to make them pay like they've never paid before! The two dizzy blondes are subjected to a TIRADE OF WHIPPING, VERBAL ABUSE AND CORPORAL PUNISHMENT! Gagged and Bound Together, they are FORCED TO FUCK A DOUBLE-ENDED DILDO till Mistress Tiffany is satisfied, and as they do it she abuses them even more. But Mistress Tiffany isn't satisfied just watching...She wants her own pussy licked out and that's just what she gets, along with all the other sexual satisfaction she craves from her slavegirls in this sex-crazed 3-girl bondage video! Pictures

Bitching Ballerinas - Bitching ballerinas Loulou Petite and Tiffany Naylor catfight Loulou loses and gets bound in tape, abused and fucked by Tiffany Pictures

Strip Search Humiliation - Innocent blonde Loulou Petite suffers humiliation, bondage, and forced orgasms in a strip search from hell by bent security guard Tiffany Naylor! Pictures

Planted!! - Bent security guard, Tiffany Naylor, is back and she has another unsuspecting victim in her sights. LouLou Petite's suitcase is full of sex toys, but that's no reason for her to suffer this much... Tiffany orders her to strip naked for a search right there in the customs hall. She performs an intimate search and finds substances that she herself plants INSIDE LOULOU'S PUSSY! The only way, Tiffany explains, for LouLou to avoid jail is to obey her every order, however humiliating and degrading they might be! Video

Bitching Ballerinas - Jealous ballet rival Tiffany Naylor has just the thing to get her own back on Litte Miss Perfect LouLou Petite... A video of LouLou having sex with the principal! Tiffany blackmails LouLou, making her submit to the most kinky and degrading treatment! Binding LouLou with bondage tape, Tiffany FUCKS HER WITH A VIBRATOR AND A BULLET, stripping her, forcing oral, and then ballgagging her along with anything else her perverted mind desires... Video

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