BoundHoneys video "Wrong Address, Jasmine!"

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Wrong Address, Jasmine!


Catsuited cat-burglar Jasmine Sinclair picks the wrong home to plunder this time! Surprising Faye from behind, Jasmine has her victim stripped and bound tight in CABLE TIES. But when she leaves the room for a moment, feisty Faye breaks out of her bindings. Overpowering her assailant, Faye is now in charge and she is going to make Jasmine pay BIG TIME!! She strips Jasmine completely naked, ties her body, hands and feet and sets about her revenge...Faye paddles and whips Jasmine's ass, uses a PINWHEEL on her pert nipples and ballgags her. Faye's payback on Jasmine knows no bounds as she orders Jasmine to call her 'Mistress' from now on while she FUCKS AND FUCKS HER FOR ORGASM AFTER FORCED ORGASM!! Oh yes, you picked the wrong address, Jasmine! ;) (more for members of BoundHoneys...)

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